About Amer

Amer Kamra is founder and CEO of leading fitness coaching company Hammer Fitness, one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs under 35 and owner of personal growth and mindset coaching business The Mindbuilder. He has made it his mission to help athletes as well as people from all walks of life to realize their highest physical and mental potential.

Amer’s success began early, when at the age of …? he became one of the youngest pro athletes in the fitness industry, and as a result grazed more fitness magazine covers than any other athlete in his sport. His passion however has never been limited to creating pro level physiques, more so lied in empowering people to develop an “athlete mindset”, built on the principles of integrity, resilience and adaptability. 2008, at the age of 24, he founded Hammer Fitness, mostly focusing on competition coaching, helping to date 18 athletes to reach pro status as well as winning countless regional, national and international shows. 

To meet the growing demand for lifestyle fitness coaching, especially amongst women, he founded Lady The F Up, now owned and independently run by his sister Rima Kamra and employing 12 female coaches. Grounded in the company’s promise to successfully connect personalized, tailored nutrition and training solutions alongside personal development and empowerment, Lady The F Up currently supports over 300 female clients worldwide in discovering confidence and self-worth. The company takes an holistic approach to fitness, focusing on gut and hormonal health, post-partum, overcoming emotional trauma and many issues more.

2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, Amer not only expanded his coaches roster but also founded Man the F Up, the male counterpart to the female lifestyle training division. MTFU follows the same principles, allowing health and fitness to penetrate the deeper levels of the male psyche, leading to more authenticity, vulnerability and freedom from societal pressure. The company under head coach Jase Stevens currently employs 7 coaches and has attracted 250 clients in less than 12 months since its foundation.

The Mindbuilder, founded in 2016, has been a lifelong passion project for Amer. The coaching business initially started as a seminar series that doubled in attendance year to year, leading to an audience of over 1000 men and women, focusing on topics such as goal setting and discipline, mental toughness and the pursuit of happiness and purpose. To reach a wider audience and to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, he expanded the format with a weekly podcast, now ranking top 100 on iTunes.

Amer is known for his strong commitment towards all his athletes and clients, as well as his unwavering belief in standing for people’s greatness opposed to condoning their doubts and excuses. This has given him a reputation of not only being one of the toughest and most refined coaches holding a master’s degree in resistance training in the country, but also as an unwavering go-giver who will always go beyond what’s expected to ensure the success of anyone who is willing to match his efforts.